Traveler's Notebook - 2024 Diary Accessories - Limited Edition (2024)

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The 2024 versions of Traveler's Company Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder, and Customized Sticker Set feature a design themed around a TRAVELER’S TOWN that warmly welcomes travelers.

Travelers come and go all over the world, and the town has become a bustling place. Such an appearance creates a liveliness in the town and arouses the desire to travel. If there is a TRAVELER’S TOWN somewhere in the world and you travel there, you will feel uplifted and positive. We want people to spend the year 2024 feeling like they are traveling through a TRAVELER’S TOWN. With this in mind, we have chosen this year’s TRAVELER’S TOWN theme.

The folder folder features a design exclusively for 2024 and comes in two sizes perfect for taking along with your TRAVELER’S notebook. The Regular size fits A4 paper folded in three, postcards and other documents, while the Passport size can store smaller papers, like business cards and tickets. We designed the 2024 limited edition in the TRAVELER’S TOWN motif that combines printed graphics with messages and other elements in gold leaf.

A plastic sheet (otherwise known as pencil board or underlay) is a useful mat to achieve goals in various scenarios including writing while standing, as a bookmark to instantly open to a certain page, and draw straight lines. For the 2024 edition, we have designed the TRAVELER’S TOWN theme. The Regular Size features a map of a TRAVELER’S TOWN, and the Passport Size is designed with the signs of the stores lining a TRAVELER’S TOWN shopping street.

A sticker set for customizing TRAVELER’S notebook that makes it more fun. Including index and pocket stickers, icon stickers to represent different plans, dry transfer, and stickers to decorate the cover. The 2024 version features a design that is inspired by the TRAVELER’S TOWN that warmly welcomes all travelers. You can customize the cover of your 2024 dairy with the TRAVELER’S TOWN motif.

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