Sailor Gift Set - Hocoro + Dipton Pen & Ink Set

Ink Color: Coral Humming
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The Hocoro + Dipton Pen & Ink Set by Sailor features "Hocoro," a dip pen with a fountain pen fude nib along with a 10ml Dipton Shimmer ink.

The Hocoro dip pen comes in a white barrel. It allows you to easily change the color by simply rinsing the nib with water, so you can easily enjoy a wide variety of ink colors without the hassle of changing ink.

The Dipton Shimmer inks which is named according to a sound theme befitting the range of colors and shine given off by the iridescent glitter it contains. A different iridescent glitter is used for each color. 

- Type: Gift Set

- (1) Hocoro Fountain Pen Nib Dip Pen
- (1) 10 ml Dipton Ink

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