Sailor Ballpoint Pen - Tea Time #3 - Moroccan Mint Tea Mint & Sugar - Limited Edition (2023)

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A series of writing instruments inspired by tea drinking traditions of the world. 
The writing instruments were designed not only in the image of the tea itself, but also the ornate utensils and sweetener that play essential roles in the tea ritual long cherished by people.

The third collection of the "Teatime Around the World" series is Moroccan Mint Tea. In Morocco, mint tea is an integral part of daily life. It is prepared respecting the ritual, steeping green tea and mint in a teapot and sweetening it with sugar. It is also a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. When entertaining guests, the tea is prepared in a traditional metal teapot called "berad" and served in "kissan" glasses adorned with beautifully exotic patterns.

The limited edition Moroccan Mint Tea Mint & Sugar ballpoint pen boasts an accurate 0.5mm line width for precise writing. Its distinct hues draw inspiration from the classic Moroccan mint tea and sugar blend.

- Type: Ballpoint Pen
- Body Material: PMMA Resin
- Closure: Retractable Twist

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