Leonardo Fountain Pen - Momento Magico (Stainless Steel) - New Edition (2022)

Color: Pietra Salata
Trim: Rhodium
Nib Size: Extra Fine
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The ancient and the modern. This is the inspiration for the Momento Magico.

The historic past of this pen is expressed in the fretwork on its central band which represents the decoration belonging to this period of artistic awakening which came to be known as “Geometric Art”. Five special resins were chosen to manufacture this writing instrument and it is trimmed in metals that illustrate the artistic glory of this extraordinary time in history. The colors of the materials were inspired by the Rossellini film and moments found within it.

The Villa Pietra Salara is the impetus for this version of the Momento Magico. Warm and classic brown tones are sprinkled with blue tones, to be a reminder of this elegant Villa on the waters of Capri.

Millefiori translates to a thousand flowers and is also the glassmaking technique that Murano glassmakers are famous for. We chose this resin as an imagination of fall flowers translated to this exquisite craft of millefiori.

Black Matte and Black Glossy were inspired by “Anima Nera” a man with a mysterious past gets married to escape it. An unexpected inheritance deteriorates the relationship between husband and wife and a dark outcome ensues. We chose black resin to pay homage to the film’s title, which translates to “Dark Soul”.

Pen Dimensions
- Length: 145mm
- Body length: 132mm (nib included)
- Cap length: 67mm
- Uncapped:169mm
- Pen weight (without ink): 23.8g
- Transparent window length: 5mm
- Diameter cap: 15,4mm
- Diameter grip section: 10,9mm

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Resin
- Cap Type: Screw
- Filling Mechanism: Piston
- Nib Material: Stainless Steel (ABS Feed)

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