Fine Writing International Fountain Pen - The Wheel of Time: Autumn Equinox - Special Edition - Endless Exclusive (2022)

Nib Size: Extra Fine
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The Wheel of Time is like Nature's whispered letter to us — reminding us of how everything exists in a cycle of life and death, rebirth and renewal, change and transition, loss and gain, grief and rejoicing.

The Autumn Equinox comes after a great harvest. As the Earth slows down, we too begin to feel the inner groaning of our souls seeking rest. The Fall is here and the Earth inhales, exhales — the double spiral of our inner and outer explorations. It is a good time to remember, grieve, and find the soft resilience of gratitude. Winter is just around the corner, but Autumn is here to remind us that there can be beauty even in the ending.



- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Acid and Alkali Resistant Resin
- Cap Type: Screw, with Sealing Mechanism to keep the nib wet
- Filling Mechanism: International Standard Cartridge / Converter, Eyedropper
- Nib Material: German Jowo #6 Stainless Steel

- Weight: 22gms
- Length: 150mm
- Diameter: 13.5mm

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