Upgrade Your Shopping Experience: How to Become a VIP

We've launched a Loyalty Program that rewards our repeat and most valuable customers! Becoming a VIP and moving up our Tiers are automatic, the more you shop at EndlessPens!


What do I need to do?

First, you must create an EndlessPens account. Make sure you are using only one account, and are logged in everytime you shop. This allows our system to take note of all your purchases, and automatically upgrade your membership once you hit your first target.


What’s the first target?

To become a Bronze member, all you need to do is place two orders with us. No minimum spend. And this can be over any period of time, as long as you are logged into the same account.


Can I combine multiple accounts to be eligible for the upgrade?

No, membership upgrades are automatic per account. Orders from several different accounts cannot be combined toward the upgrade.


What are the perks to becoming a VIP?

View even more products, get an exclusive multiple-use discount code, first dibs on special and limited editions, and free upgraded shipping — to name a few. 😉


Alright, sign me up!

Great, log in and start shopping or create an account to get started!