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The community of fountain pen enthusiasts has grown year by year as more people are picking up the hobby of writing and collecting. And as these writing instruments become more popular, one can’t help but wonder why people use fountain pens. The answer may seem obvious at first, but as you think about it some more, it may not be as apparent. There are many reasons why one would pick up a fountain pen instead of the more convenient ballpoint pen or, even more commonly, gadgets like smartphones. Here’s why people use fountain pens. 


They make writing easier

Fountain Pen makes writing easier | EndlessPens

Fountain pens are easier to write with than other types of pens. This is because they don’t require as much pressure to deposit ink onto paper, and the capillary action that pulls the ink from the pen helps to reduce hand fatigue. The different parts of a fountain pen are also designed to provide a comfortable writing experience, from the barrel to the grip section down to the nib.


Wide variety of ink colors

Fountain Pens use a wide variety of ink colors

You can give your handwriting plenty of character just by changing the color of the ink. Any fountain pen user will know that there is an incredibly wide range of fountain pen colors, textures, and types to choose from. Each has its own characteristics, and it can be used in different ways depending on your pen. Some inks will have shading and sheen, while others write a very wet, saturated line with shimmer. Others are very dry, and some are so budge-proof you’ll be happy you chose them for your journals. The possibilities with fountain pen ink are, quite literally, endless.


Nib shapes and sizes

Fountain Pens has different nib shapes and sizes

Fountain pens come with different nib shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy. For example, flex pens can add character and flair to calligraphic script while fude nibs are excellent for writing characters. You also have fine or broad nibs that can change the line width of your writing. There are even specialty nibs that you can have ground to your exact specifications with the help of a nibmeister. Even if you’re using the same ink, the type of nib you have can make your writing look different and all the more unique. 



fountain pen as a writing tool | EndlessPens

There’s a reason why bills, treaties, marriage contracts, and other formal documents are signed with fountain pens. These writing instruments ooze style, sophistication, and status with their combination of beauty and function. 


Economical and eco-friendly

Fountain Pens are economical and eco-friendly

In the long term, fountain pens are a very economical investment thanks to their refillable nature. There are many fountain pen filling systems, but they all take a substantial amount of ink, so you can write with your pen for longer. The best part is you don’t have to dispose of your fountain pen. If taken care of properly, it can be a writing tool that will last a lifetime. 


A sense of community

Fountain Pen Community | EndlessPens

People in the fountain pen community are often interested in the fountain pens they see others using, especially collectors. Even people who don’t own fountain pens have developed a certain fascination for them, so using fountain pens can be a great ice-breaker and can lead to an interesting conversation with others.

Aside from that, you can find people worldwide who discuss fountain pens on forums, groups, and the like. This makes it easier to meet up with fellow fountain pen enthusiasts so you can try out new pens and learn more about the different aspects of the hobby. 


The bottom line

People use fountain pens for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they are avid writers, scribbling down notes and ideas everywhere they go. Or maybe some people just like the way a fountain pen looks and feels when they write. Whatever the reason, having a fountain pen in your life is always a good thing. 



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: Ramona

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