Which Pen is Best for Fast Writing?

For most writers, it isn’t a pleasant experience to become tired of writing on paper. This typically happens when one doesn’t use the right pen, resulting in pressing down too hard and feeling worn out. Ideally, the right pen should allow you to write swiftly and easily. Fast writing does have its advantages, and having a good writing tool will let you achieve the right writing speed for you. 


Here, we’ll talk about which pen can help you write the fastest and how you can become a faster writer.


Which pens write the fastest?

Which Pen is Best for Fast Writing? - Which pens write the fastest?

There are some types of pens that enable faster writing than others. These are the pens that require little to no pressure when writing. These pens also use ink that flows much more smoothly. If your goal is to write faster, whether it be for note-taking, exams, or simply to write more efficiently in daily life, then rollerball and fountain pens are the best options. They both use water-based inks that come out smoothly without the need to put pressure on paper as you write. These are excellent options if you are prone to having tired hands when writing.


This isn’t to say that ballpoint and gel pens cannot be fast writers. They just aren’t as swift and smooth as rollerball or fountain pens because they have thicker, more viscous inks and require pressure to write, which can lead to hand fatigue. 


For that reason, this article will be focusing on rollerball and fountain pens, both of which can improve writing speed considerably with the right technique. 


Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens use a water-based ink that is very smooth to write with. They also come with a more precise tip than ballpoint pens do that helps writers create small and thin lines. The only downside of using a rollerball pen is that its ink can take some time to dry, which is not ideal for left-handed writers. However, if you are alright with longer drying times, then a rollerball pen is great for quick writing. The LAMY Swift Rollerball Pen is a great addition to any fast writer’s collection. 


Fountain Pens

Similar to rollerball pens, fountain pens like the Demonstrator from Opus 88 use free-flowing water-based ink. But it is the nib quality and the handwriting skill of the writer that determines how fast you can write with this writing instrument. Once you get the hang of writing with a fountain pen nib, you get a much smoother writing experience that uses very little to no pressure on paper. While most inks take time to dry, there are fast-drying, permanent, and smudge-proof fountain pen inks that make these writing instruments better for left-handed users or speedy writers. 


Tips on writing faster

Which Pen is Best for Fast Writing? - Tips on writing faster

Of course, the pen you choose can only do so much in improving your writing speed. Having the right technique is also key. Here are some tips on writing faster: 


Maintain good posture. Adjust the way you sit so that you are not slouching. Keep a straight back that is well-supported by your chair, and keep your feet flat on the ground. Your elbows should be perpendicular to the tabletop that you are writing on. Relax your back and shoulders to prevent cramping.


Write smaller. Smaller writing takes less effort to create, which can help you improve your writing speed since your pen has to travel less on paper. Take care not to write too small, which can be counterproductive.


Change the shape of your letters. Writing up and down is easier than writing side to side, so forming taller and slimmer letters can help you write more quickly. This reduces the amount of horizontal movement, keeping your hand in a natural and comfortable position as you write. 


Keep a loose grip. The great thing about rollerball and fountain pens is that they allow you to keep a looser grip on the pen since less pressure is required to write with them. By holding the barrel with a more relaxed hand, you alleviate any pain that can develop in your fingers and wrist. And with less muscle strain, you get a better writing experience, which is key to writing quickly. 


The Bottom Line

While smooth-writing pens like rollerballs and fountain pens are designed for easy and fast writing, the writing tool that you are most comfortable with will be your best friend for writing swiftly. That may be a rollerball pen for some or a gel pen for others. Familiarizing yourself with the strengths of each type of pen can help you choose the right one for your needs, whether it’s to jot down a quick note or blaze through a handwritten essay.


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: RamonaTutorial

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