Demonstrator Fountain Pens To Add To Your Collection

The demonstrator fountain pen has become a popular addition to any writer’s collection, especially in the past few years. After all, what’s not to like about a transparent pen? It displays the pen’s anatomy beautifully and shows off whatever color of ink is inside. Its timeless appeal and versatility has made it an everyday staple for writing enthusiasts. 


Aesthetics are not the only attributes that attract fountain pen users to these types of pens. Demonstrators are designed to be practical to use. The transparent barrel allows users to monitor ink levels at a glance. The transparent body also makes it easier to diagnose any internal mechanism problems that may be present. 


If you’re looking for a demonstrator to add to your fountain pen collection, then we have a few great suggestions for you.


LAMY Vista

The LAMY Vista is a great entry-level demonstrator that is made from fade-resistant plastic. It comes with a transparent cap and a chrome plated clip. This fountain pen uses the LAMY T10 ink cartridge, but if you prefer converters, you may also use the LAMY Z converters to fill the pen with ink. 


As with many of the LAMY pens, the Vista demonstrator comes with an ergonomic design. It features a secure grip to prevent hand cramps and the weight of the pen is just right to keep it balanced in your hand.


Pilot Custom 823

Those looking for a vintage-classic look will love the Pilot Custom 823. Rather than a crystal clear body and cap, this fountain pen comes in a light brown color with gold trim. Despite its larger size, the Custom 823 is lightweight since it is made of a sturdy acrylic material, making it easy to write with.  


This pen uses a different filling system, specifically since it is a vacuum-fill pen and not a cartridge/converter or piston filler. This works by retracting and depressing a plunger that fills the fountain pen on the downstroke. The Pilot Custom 823 is great for continuous writing since it holds about 2.2ml of ink, making it ideal for compulsive note takers and regular writers. This ink filling system is also great for traveling because it makes the pen leak-proof. 


TWSBI Vac 700R

The TWSBI brand is well known for its fountain pens like the Eco or the Diamond 580ALR. Another demonstrator that doesn’t get as much attention is the Vac700R. It stores just a little more ink than the Pilot Custom 823, reaching up to 2.37ml when completely filled. 


The design of this demonstrator also makes it a great pick for any fountain pen enthusiast’s collection. It is long enough to feel comfortable when writing without having to post the cap on the back of the pen. The new design of the Vac700R allows for better ink flow than previous TWSBI Vac700 models. If you like swapping out your nibs, then this demonstrator is for you. You can go from an EF to a 1.1mm Stub depending on your writing needs, all without changing the pen. 


Sailor 1911 Standard

Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pens are known for their superb quality, and the demonstrator variant is no different. A bit on the smaller side, the size and shape of the 1911 Standard demonstrator works well for people with smaller hands. For most, it makes for a suitable everyday carry fountain pen. 


The pen feels substantial and impressive when writing despite its light build. It uses a cartridge/converter filling system, making it easy to refill with different types of ink. Apart from the stylish and refined design, this pen also performs well. It comes with a 14k gold nib that provides a wonderful feel on the page, with just the right mixture of smoothness and feedback. If you’re looking for an elegant and good-quality demonstrator, this might be the right pick for you. 


Opus 88 Omar

Opus 88 has come out with some great contenders in the fountain pen world, and one of its most eye-catching designs is the Omar Demonstrator. This is quite a large fountain pen, which makes it perfect for writers with larger hands. The build quality is excellent on the Opus 88 Omar Demonstrator, with crisp threads, no machining markings, and exceptionally consistent polishing. 


Apart from its massive ink capacity, Opus 88 pens come with JoWo nibs that work well for everyday writers. These nibs are reliable and smooth, making it great for note taking or journaling. Overall, the Omar is a high-quality demonstrator with a great value proposition for its price point. It’s a great choice for anybody who’s getting started on collecting demonstrators for their collection. 


Whether you like them fully crystal clear and transparent or with a sophisticated hue, demonstrators are beautiful fountain pens that make their own statement. Choose one from this list that best suits your needs and enjoy the writing experience. 


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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