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Pink is a comforting, playful, and sentimental hue that makes people think of their childhoods. It is also a color of contrast since it can make us imagine images of both blazing passion and innocence. Hot and vivid pinks are linked to romance, love, and even lust while gentler pinks are nostalgic and almost wistful given the right tone. 


It is these characteristics of such a beautiful color that make it a fun shade to play around with for fountain pen users. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then here are some of the best pink fountain pen inks that you can choose from: 


Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu

Kosumosu, which translates to “cosmos” in Japanese, is a pale pink ink. Compared to other lighter pink inks, it tends to lean slightly blue like "baby" pink inks, but it's still extremely legible. It's exactly what you might picture if you were looking for pink ink.


Despite a minor amount of feedback, Kosumosu is a well-behaved ink that writes smoothly and flows beautifully. You can set your pen uncapped for a few minutes and the ink will keep it lubricated enough so as not to have any skipping or hard starts. There is no feathering for this ink and it does not smear after it has dried. While it displays some great shading, you won’t get any sheen or shimmer here.


Diamine Hope Pink

If you want a very bright and vibrant but not quite neon pink ink, then Diamine Hope Pink is a great one to try. It’s perfect for jotting down notes, but we would not recommend writing an entire page using this ink if you intend to read it again. 


This ink is very well-behaved on paper, and it is very wet with a high amount of lubrication. You’ll see some shading properties without experiencing feathering, show-through, or bleed-through. It takes about 14 to 15 seconds to dry, which isn’t bad considering how glossy and beautiful it is. However, do bear in mind that this ink has a tendency to stain converters and barrels. While the stains do go away after a few weeks, it is best to use this ink with repurposed cartridges instead.


Robert Oster Plumb Nut

A dusty pink can be a beautiful addition to any ink collection, and Plumb Nut from Robert Oster is a wonderfully unique choice. This dusty pink-purple ink writes easily across paper and dries quickly (within 5 seconds) with medium saturation, making it an ideal option for everyday writing. 


You won’t experience bleeding or feathering during normal use on fountain pen-friendly paper. Plumb Nut has some nice shading, and it is easy enough on the eyes to be used for longer writing sessions like journaling or letter writing. 


Sailor Storia Dancer Pink

Dancer Pink is a vibrant pink ink that is well-behaved for a pigmented ink and is clearly readable on white paper. Writers won’t have any trouble using Dancer Pink for routine writing, unlike many pink inks that are either too bright or difficult to read. This soft blush color is consistent and still well-defined. With wider nibs, it shades well, with pools of magenta complementing the rose pink shades beautifully. 


Another great aspect of this ink is how truly waterproof it is. Dry times take longer in larger nibs (almost up to 30 seconds!) but it is pretty much budge-proof after that. You won’t experience any feathering or bleed-through when using Rhodia or similar papers. It’s important to clean pens with pigmented inks more often and ensure that the ink never dries out. That being said, it is quite easy to maintain pens even with Sailor pigmented inks.


LAMY Crystal Rhodonite

Those who prefer inks that are a bit on the dry side will like the LAMY Crystal collection, and if you’re looking for pink, then Rhodonite is perfect for you. This shade is a bright medium pink with low shading and some medium gold sheen. It has an average flow and performs best in a wider nib. 


This ink is very similar to LAMY’s Vibrant Pink, which is a limited edition color. If you missed out on getting a bottle of Vibrant Pink, then Rhodonite is a great alternative. This ink is saturated enough to be used comfortably without being too strong or visually harsh. On some papers like Moleskin, you will see some bleeding, but it performs just fine on fountain pen-friendly paper. 


And there you have it! Whether you want something closer to fuchsia or a more dusty rose type of shade, these are all beautiful pink inks. As always, proper fountain pen maintenance is best observed when using more vibrant inks. 


Happy inking and happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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