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An original Japanese paper with green tea from Marushige Paper, Mino Washi in Gifu Prefecture. Kanei Hitokoto Tea Co., Ltd. in Shizuoka cooperated with the tea leaves, and WACCA JAPAN was in charge of the papermaking direction.The combination of tea leaves on the front and back of the washi paper is different, resulting in a unique reversible finish.For the surface, a large amount of the finest powder part "Hosoko" generated in the tea manufacturing process is blended, giving the entire tea a green color. A small amount of randomly cut tea leaves are incorporated into the reverse side to create a texture that brings out the whiteness of Japanese paper. The tea leaves on the back are mainly sample teas that are not for sale. In addition, the washi material itself is a washi that incorporates the theme of upcycling, such as blending "recycled waste paper in the factory". Since it is also treated to prevent bleeding, it is possible to use glass pens and fountain pens. (Depending on the nib and ink, it may bleed a little.)

The tea leaves are processed as they are, and no chemical processing such as coloring is applied. As a result, it will turn brown over time. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Precautions when printing / printing
You can use it for printing with inkjet printers, laser printers, copiers, on-demand printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, etc., but there may be problems depending on the model. Be sure to do a print test. If you are using a laser printer or copier, use the manual feed setting.

- Type: Washi Paper
- Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
- Number of Sheets: 20
- Paper Weight: 80g/m2

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