WACCA Notepad - Washi Memo Pad

Color: Natural

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Using calligraphy paper that can be written with ink on the main paper, it is a Japanese paper book for fountain pens that you can enjoy both the writing comfort of "smooth" on the front side and "seriously" on the back side, which is unique to Japanese paper with different textures on the front and back.

There is almost no bleed-through of the ink, and it is not only used as a one-stroke notepad, but also as a small memo note because it has been treated with a firm adhesive that is hard to remove even if you pull it. The top part of the spine is wrapped with the flower cloth (hanagire) used for bookbinding, and each book is carefully hand-bound. WACCA Notepad - Washi Memo Pad is a product jointly developed with calligraphy paper maker Yamakano Paper (Nishijima Washi, Yamanashi Prefecture).

Comes in white and natural.

- Type: Notepad
- Size: 55mm x 182mm / 2.17" x 7.17" / 5.5cm x 18.2cm
- Ruling: Blank
- Number of Sheet: 100

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