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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Cartridge Fuyu-syogun

The name “iroshizuku” is a combination of the Japanese words “iro” (colouring), expressing high standards and variation of colours, and “shizuku” (droplet), which embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.

Pilot's Iroshizuku inks now in cartridges! The Iroshizuku Ink will now be packaged in a 6-piece ink cartridge set.

Delight in the rich and lavish colors of each of these carefully curated Iroshizuku ink colors that are inspired by the beauty of nature. Each vibrant ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants. Each ink cartridge is imprinted with the name of the ink color. The packaging mimics the glass blown Iroshizuku ink bottle packaging. The inner tray will slide out of the box and has an internal latch to stop it from fully pulling out. The perfect accessory to any Pilot fountain pen that accepts ink cartridges!

fuyu-syogun (rigor of Winter): A personification of the harsh and cold winter, this shade of gray is a nod to the cold, clear air of the severe winter season.

- Type: Ink Cartridge
- Pack of: 6


Pilot Fountain Pen Vanishing Point in Gun Metal Grey & Rhodium Trim, Medium Nib

The Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen has experienced an amazing evolution, as it maintains its most creative feature. Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body and attractive appointments make the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. Available with an 18 karat gold fine, medium or broad nib. But buy with caution: once you feel the smoothness of Namiki's nibs, you'll be convinced there's no better way to write. Your choice of rich colors is finished with rhodium accents--a sleek look to a totally contemporary design.

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Lacquered Metal
- Mechanism: Retractable Click
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter
- Nib Material: 18K Gold
- Postability: No (retractable)

- Capped Length: N/A (retractable)
- Length of Body: 4.46 in (113.3 mm)
- Length of Cap: N/A (retractable)
- Diameter of Body: 0.46 in (11.7 mm)
- Diameter of Cap: N/A (retractable)
- Diameter of Grip: 0.44 in (11.2 mm)


Kokuyo Field Note in Green

Can be carried in a compact size. Because the cover is hard, it is convenient for writing while holding it in your hand.

The 3mm grid line is suitable for entering survey data.

- Type: Sketchbook
- Cover Material: Plastic (Polypropylene)
- Size: 95mm x 165mm x 6mm / 3.7" x 6.5" x 0.2" / 9.5cm x 16.5cm x 0.6cm
- Ruling: Grid
- Number of Sheets:40


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