Troublemaker Ink Bottle (60 ml) - Davao FPN-Philippines 5th Anniversary Inks - Waling-Waling - Special Edition (2024)


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The Waling-waling Ink is part of the Special Edition ink collection created by the Davao FPN-Philippines Group to commemorate our 5th year anniversary. For this special edition, Davao FPN-Philippines collaborated with TMKR Inks to bring this unique ink to life.

Davao City is located in the southern part of the Philippines. We wanted to highlight the beauty of the Waling-waling Orchid (Vanda sanderiana), often referred to as the "Queen of the Philippine Orchids." It is native to our city and can be found flourishing on the foothills of Mt. Apo. While the Waling-waling orchid comes in various colors, including pink, white, and purple, the pink variety is particularly coveted by collectors for its stunning beauty.

Taking inspiration from the Waling-waling orchid's most coveted variety, Davao FPN-Philippines crafted its namesake shading ink to capture the essence of this majestic flower while also paying homage to Mt. Apo.

NOTE: This exclusive Waling-Waling ink, specially created for the Davao FPN-Philippines group, is a limited edition product by Troublemaker Ink. We are grateful to have been granted the opportunity to offer it to our customers.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 60ml
- Bottle Material: Plastic

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