Tomoe River Paper - Loose Sheet (50 Sheets)

Size: A4
Color: White

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Japanese Tomoe River paper is a favorite among those who love to write and are particular about the quality. It is renowned for being thin and for its velvety smooth texture that performs amazingly well with fountain pens and ink pens.

Tomoe River loose leaf paper is Tomoe’s top of the line paper. It is the highest quality paper available. This premium, artist-grade paper is manufactured and treated to obtain the perfect surface for fountain pens to glide smoothly, leaving you with exceptionally crisp lines. Silky smooth, fountain-pen-friendly writing paper leaves you with precise ink strokes and beautiful ink shades. It’s perfect for calligraphy practice, letter writing, etc.

This particular 68 gsm paper is slightly thicker than the popular Tomoe River 52 gsm super lightweight paper. It is more durable, yet still light and thin. 68 gsm loose sheet also works perfectly well with pencils, pens and markers and gives an excellent writing touch without the paper rippling. Despite its thinness, Tomoe River high quality paper is resistant to bleeding through and feathering so it can handle a variety of inks and pen nibs.

Specially coated on both sides, so ghosting is minimal and you can use both sides of this thin paper. Tomoe River loose leaf paper A4-68G contains 50 fine papers per pack.

- Type: Loose Sheet Paper - Size: A4 - Paper Weight: 68gsm
- Ruling: Blank
- Number of Sheets: 50

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