Sailor Gift Set - Profit Jr X Yurameku Set

Color: Kitsunebiyori

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The Profit Jr X Yurameku Set comes with a 10ml mini bottle of YURAMEKU Ink and a fountain pen modeled after the ink colors, featuring a Fude nib which allows for both precise writing and bold strokes, making it easier to appreciate YURAMEKU Ink's shading capabilities.

Iridescent Pearl Resin
Fountain pen designed with iridescent pearl resin in the image of YURAMEKU Ink's colors. Color shades change depending on angle and lighting, showing glimpses of the feature color.

A Fude Nib
A Fude nib offers freedom of strokes from bold to fine.
Stroke width changes depending on writing angle, enabling contrast like brush strokes.

Color shows change over time or by paper. Mysterious ink that shows glimpses of different colors in shades and streaks.

- Type: Gift Set

- Fountain Pen
- 10ml YURAMEKU Ink
- Converter

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