Sailor Gift Set - Gin Based Cocktail Exclusive Set - Limited Production (2022)

Nib Size: Fine
$1,462.50 $1,950

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Estimated Delivery Date: March 2022

The Gin Based Cocktail Exclusive is composed of:

Around the world features a playful and bright green colored barrel with gold plated trims.

Violet Fizz features an elegant violet colored barrel with rhodium plated trims.

Blue train features a vibrant blue barrel with rhodium plated trims.

Argentina features a jazzy orange barrel with rhodium plated trims. 

Gin Martini features a classic opaque ivory barrel with gold plated trims.

The set includes one piece of each Around the world, Violet Fizz, Blue train, Argentina and Gin Martini, (5) ink converters, (5) ink cartridge and (1) leather pen case.

Note: Each set will be in only one nib size.

- Type: Gift Set

- (5) Fountain Pens
- (5) Ink Converters
- (5) PG-12 Gift Boxes
- (5) Ink cartridge
- (5) Instruction Manual
- (1) Leather pen case

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