Pelikan Classic M205 Moonstone Fountain Pen - Special Edition (2020)

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Nib Size: Extra Fine
$136.50 $210


Release Date October 2020

This special edition gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument - Classic 205 Moonstone.

The magic grey color reminds of moonlight rays and is sparkling as soon as the writing instrument comes in touch with the daylight. A special material combination realizes this unique effect and creates more than one shade of grey.

The Series Classic 205 Moonstone will be available as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism as well as a ballpoint pen with push mechanism.

The writing instrument gift set comes with the Classic 205 Moonstone fountain pen and Edelstein ink of the Year.

M205       length: 12.6cm       weight: 14g

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