Namiki Fountain Pen - "Tanuki" Japanese Raccoon Dog - Limited Edition (2021)

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Pilot is happy to share the 2021 Namiki Limited Edition fountain pen: Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog)!

Tanuki are said to be talismans because they bring prosperity and good luck. These legendary creatures are significant in Japanese folklore, art and sculptures throughout history and are reputed to be mischievous and joyful. Tanuki are an important figure to business owners because Tanuki welcome prosperity with the figure’s 8 essential attributes, which are called the “8 blessings.”

1. Straw hat (protects from hard times),
2. Striking moon eyes (attentiveness to customers),
3. Happy face (joyful life & friendly customer service),
4. Round belly (calm & thoughtful decision making),
5. Flask of sake (virtue),
6. Accounting ledger (confidence & conviction),
7. Impressive tail (balance & strength),
8. Large scrotum (financial luck).

The Limited Edition Namiki fountain pens are made in limited quantities every year. Tanuki will only have 300 pieces available worldwide, 69 of which will be available in the United States.

Each pen is carefully crafted and engraved with the traditional Namiki number and artisan signature. Designed and produced by the celebrated artisan group Kokkokai (國光會), Tanuki comes with a #10 18 karat gold nib with rhodium accents that features the customary Mount Fuji illustration.

Nib sizes are available in Fine, Medium, or Broad.

- Type: Fountain Pen
- Body Material: Raised Maki-e
- Cap Type: Screw
- Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter (CON-70)
- Nib Material: 18K Gold

- CON-70 Converter
- 6 Black Ink Cartridges
- Elegant presentation box
- Signature card
- Instruction card

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