Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus Fountain Pen

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Color: Palladium & Medical Green
Nib Size: Extra Fine
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With more than five thousand years of history, the Caduceus is among the most revered symbols in Western culture. Its adoption in medicine may have been a result of mistaken identity, but its authority remains undisputed. Featuring an intricate clip of brilliant palladium, Caduceus is prescribed for members of the medical and pharmaceutical professions. (Caution: may cause side effects)

Takes its name from the symbol understood globally to represent the medical profession, after its adoption by the US Medical Corps. It is often confused with the similar Rod of Asclepius, an ancient Greek god associated with healing and medicine, which features a serpent coiled around a staff. The similarity with the Caduceus, however, is unmistakable, and the essence of both has been embraced in the Fortuna Caduceus’ most significant detail: a palladium pocket clip in the form of the Caduceus


Trim:palladium plated
Filling System:converter, cartridge
Length:136 mm
Diameter:16.8 mm
Weight:34.00 g

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