Montblanc Ink Refill Rollerball (2-Pack)

Color: Pacific Blue
Size: Fine
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The rollerball refills by Montblanc impress with an especially smooth writing experience that is perfectly in line with the brand's refined crafts-
manship and elaborate writing culture. The tip does not scrape and the ink does not smear to support elegant and neat handwriting with finesse.  The Pacific Blue color creates intensity and mesmerization on paper for a sophisticated look.

The Pacific Blue color stands for respectability and intriguing creations - perfect for executive business, drawing, writing down inspirational stories, and drafting documents.

Nightfire Red  presents a bold fluid red-orange color.

Chestnut brown color represents autumnal harmony and wonderful creations - perfect for journaling, drawing, taking notes in class and writing inspirational stories

Royal Blue color represents respectability and intriguing creations, perfect for executive business, drawing, writing inspirational stories and drafting documents.

The medium tip of the cartridge presents a fluid navy blue line and glides swiftly across the paper without resistance. The tip does not scrape and is perfect for writing on precious paper. The ink is quick-drying to prevent smearing for an elegant and neat look on paper.

The pen refill cartridges fit all Rollerball and Fineliner Pens by Montblanc, except for the LeGrand Rollerball and Heritage Collection capless Rollerball.

- Type: Ink Refill
- Compatible With: Montblanc Rollerball pens except for the LeGrand Rollerball

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