LAMY Multi-System Pen - Accent 4-in-1

Material/Color: Grip Section Rubber/Alluminum
$64.99 $99


The LAMY accent is the first writing instrument with different interchangeable grips. The LAMY 4pen has three ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil in one writing implement and work under control in no time at all. Multi-system pen in matt black lacquer finish or palladium finish, with push-button mechanism and visual selection mechanism. With exchangeable handle: aluminum palldium finish or rubber. With ballpoint pen refill M 21 black, blue and red. With M 40 (0.7) HB mechanical pencil lead and eraser tip (Z 15) under the removable pusher.

- Type: Multi-System Pen
- Body Material: Matte Black Lacquer Finish with Interchangeable Grip Section (Palladium Finish or India Rubber)

Writing Systems (4-in-1)
- Ballpoint Black
- Ballpoint Blue
- Ballpoint Red
- Mechanical Pencil (0.7)

- E107 Gift Box
- LAMY M21 Black Ballpoint Refill
- LAMY M21 Blue Ballpoint Refill
- LAMY M21 Red Ballpoint Refill
- LAMY M40 (0.7) Lead Refill
- LAMY Z15 Eraser Refill


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