Colorverse Ink Bottle (30ml) - Glistening Series

Color: Cat

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Inspired by space and time, Colorverse inks exhort you to "colorize your universe." They are carefully blended to conduct the ethereal beauty, wonder, and intense vitality of the universe to your pen. The inks are made with high-purity raw materials and their pH is optimized for a long shelf life.

Glistening Series ink is infused with metallic particles, giving your writing a glittery sheen. Shake the bottle gently before use to ensure that the particles are evenly dispersed in the ink when you fill your pen. The ink is safe to use in any fountain pen, but as with all inks we recommend cleaning your pen regularly to avoid the risk of clogs.

Glistening Series

  • Cat Ink Bottle
  • Gluon Ink Bottle
  • Ham #65 Ink Bottle
  • Félicette Ink Bottle
  • Hayabusa / 54 Ink Bottle

- Type: Ink Bottles
- Volume: 30ml
- Ink Bottle Material: Glass

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