Aurora Nib Part (14K) - Talentum

Color: Black
Nib Size: Extra Fine
$191 $255

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Writing unit in:
14K solid black gold or,
14K solid gold or
14K solid gold, rhodium treated

- Type: Nib Unit
- Nib Material: 14K Gold

Compatible With
Black Gold
- D10-CRN Talentum Full Metal Black
- D10-RN Talentum Full Black

- 800 Resin
- 801 Precious
- D12-N Talentum
- D12-X Talentum
- 996-B Optima Auroloide
- 996-G Optima Auroloide
- 996-M Optima Auroloide
- 996-V Optima Auroloide
- 997-NAO Optima O'Sole Mio
- 997-N Optima Auroloide
- 997-V Optima Auroloide
- 997-X Optima Auroloide

- D11-A Talentum
- D11-B Talentum
- D11-C Talentum
- D11-N Talentum
- D11-CA Talentum
- D11-CP Talentum
- D11-CY Talentum
- D11-N Talentum
- D11-R Talentum
- D11-X Talentum
- D11-Y Talentum

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