Anderillium Ink Bottle (44ml) - Cepahalopod - Vampire Squid



The vampire squid may look a bit like a blood sucking monster, but it isn’t as fearsome as it looks. The vampire squid’s arms are all connected together with a cloak, the underside of which is lined with what appears to be spikes, but don’t worry, they aren’t as sharp as they look. The vampire squid lives in the middle of the ocean, and trails a pair of very long sensory tentacles into the currents to search for the movement of prey animals. Many cephalopods can change their color, but the vampire squid has a different trick that is very well adapted to the dark ocean, it is covered in tiny spots called photophores that can light up dazzling patterns of bioluminescence on its skin. Its red coloration isn’t visible at the depths that it lives because no red colored light can get down that far, but it does make excellent inspiration for a fountain pen ink color. If you want a blood red ink that would make Dracula drool, pick up a bottle of Vampire Squid Red today.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 44ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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