We warranty all our products for One Year from date of purchase. Please note that no warranty is offered on Vintage Products. 

Should your writing instrument/ accessory have an issue we request that you process your request through our RETURN PORTAL.


All the brands we deal with are world recognized brands and all their writing instruments are processed carefully and checked for quality and functionality. This warrants the quality and reliability of the writing instruments/ accessories. 

The warranty for material and production defects is one year from date of purchase for each of our writing instruments and accessories. 

The warranty excludes normal wear and tear and becomes null and void if the writing instrument/ accessory has been used inappropriately, manipulated by third parties or is lost. 


Three-Tier Testing

Please also note that we have a three tier testing system at EndlessPens.

1. We check the pens for any defects when we received them

2. If the pens are valued at $200 or more we check the nibs under a loupe to ensure that the tines are aligned

3. When we ship the pens out we do a final check to ensure that the pens do not have any scratches or other and other surface defects. 


We use CCTV at all our warehouses and each pen is checked under at the time the order is shipped. 

We recommend that for each brand to achieve correct functionality you use the brands original inks and accessories. 


With Regards to Pelikan Tines:

Kindly be informed that based on factory quality control tests regarding the 'tines not aligned' this is in the factory production's confirmed tolerance. It will not influence the writing quality and function of the fountain pen generally. 



All Leonardo products are warrantied by the manufacturer directly, please reach out to nibmaster@leonardopen.com and provide your order copy.  


Shipping Charges:

Please note that shipping charges for warranty related issues will be borne by the customer. This includes shipping the pen to us and return shipping of the product. (We will cover the costs of shipping the pen to and from the manufacturer for repair.)

Domestic (US)
$4.00 - 8oz and less
$5.50 - 9oz - 15oz
$8.50 - 1lbs and over

$15.00 - 8oz and less
$25 - 9oz - 15oz
$45 - 1.1lbs and over