I've paid for an order, but then it went on sale! Can I still redeem the discount?

We love to put products on sale, as such if an item has been ordered and goes on sale we will honor the new sale price by extending Store Credit (redeemable for up to 365 days) for the difference, if and only if the item has not yet been shipped.

Kindly contact sales@endlesspens.com for your unique code.


What is HopDrop, and why can't I Hop on that Drop?

HopDrop Discount Codes are a subscriber-exclusive perk — sent through email whenever new Drops are announced. To view the HopDrop Collection and use your HopDrop discount code, you must be subscribed to our newsletter and logged into your account.


I forgot to use the coupon code! Can I still redeem the discount?

Don't worry, we have you covered! Simply contact us and give us your order number. We will send you Store Credit equivalent to your HopDrop discount! (Redeemable within 365 days)


I thought I was entitled to a free thing, but I didn't receive it!

When we have a Buy X and Get Y promo, please make sure you add the free item to your cart. At checkout, your item will be marked FREE. If you forgot to add the free item to the cart, don't worry! Just contact us and we'll be happy to send you your free item!

❗️ NOTE: Any additional shipping costs are shouldered by the buyer. Eep! So make sure to check out with your free item.


How long can I wait to use my Gift Card?

If you purchased a Gift Card from our store, it has no expiry. But, if we issued you Store Credit (which usually happens when we give sale rebates or refunds), it's only valid for 365 days (1 year).


My order was cancelled unexpectedly! Why?

Shopify flagged your order as high risk of fraud. As per our protocol, we screen orders before fulfillment to see if they're fraudulent. If your order has been flagged incorrectly, please contact sales@endlesspens.com with your order number to appeal your order.


I'm planning to buy in bulk. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do! If you'd like to inquire about our wholesale prices, please email us at sales@endlesspens.com