What is a Pre-Order? 

A Pre-Order is an order you can place on inventory that we currently do not have in our warehouse and which will be shipped at a later date. 

What items aren't available for Pre-Order?

- Pelikan Vintage Pens
- Caran D'Ache
- J Herbin
- Rhodia
- Shibui

Product Categories
- Erasers
- Ink Bottles
- Ink Cartridges
- Ink Converters
- Ink Refills for Ballpoint and Rollerball
- Notebooks
- Paper
- Pencil Lead
- Gift Cards

 What is the EndlessPens 99-Day Guarantee?

We will ship all Pre-Orders within 99 days. If we do not ship by that time, EndlessPens will refund the FULL amount. You can then decide if you would like us to:

1) ship your FREE product when it arrives, or
2) send you a gift card with the equivalent amount of your refund.

EndlessPens reserves the right to cancel Pre-Orders within 45 days from date order if we are unable to procure a specific product. 

Am I guaranteed to get an item in the promised shipping period or availability date?

EndlessPens guarantees that all Pre-Orders* will be shipped within 99 days from date of purchase.

 *certain products may take longer then the 99 days and this will be indicated on the listing. - These products will not fall under the EndlessPens 99 Day Guarantee. 

Do you charge my credit card at the time of purchase?

Yes, we charge your credit card for the full amount at time of purchase.

Can I modify a Pre-Order?

You will only be able to modify a Pre-Order within 24 hours. If you wish to modify your Pre-Order, please contact us.   

Can I cancel my order?

You will be able to fully cancel your order within 24 hours. Any orders cancelled after this will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Can I combine In Stock and Pre-Order items?

Yes, this is possible! EndlessPens will ship out your order when all Pre-Order items are available.


If you would like us to fulfill the in stock items first, we will be happy to do so, subject to an additional shipping charge. Should you wish to use this method kindly contact us


Should you have any further questions please contact us.