This Policy Takes Effect for all orders placed after October 13th 2020. Any order placed before this time will follow our old PRE-ORDER POLICYYou will receive an automatic discount of 10% when purchasing any Pre-Order item. *** Exemptions depending on Sales and other events



What is a Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order product is an item that is for sale on our website, but which is not in stock at the moment. By Pre-Ordering a product, you are actually reserving this item in advance before they are officially available in our store without having to worry about this product selling out.

We ship Pre-Orders within 99-days, however we try to get these to you much sooner than this time period — this is only to provide a margin for any logistical issues that may occur.


What is a Special EP Pre-Order? 

A Special EP Pre-Order is for an order placed for a product(s) that MAY or MAY NOT be listed on our site and that we currently do not have In-Stock or for any product over $750 in value. Special EP Pre-Orders are not subject to the 99-Day Guarantee.

This clause comes into play when a customer has requested for us to source and procure a particularly hard-to-find/rare/limited edition/Holy Grail product(s) on their behalf.

All our customers will be made aware of the terms and conditions if their order falls under this category before the transaction is finalized. All Special EP Pre-Orders will be shipped within a specified time period agreed upon with the customer.


What items are NOT available for Pre-Order?

- Pelikan Vintage Pens
- Caran D'Ache
- J Herbin
- Rhodia
- Shibui

Product Categories
- Erasers
- Ink Bottles
- Ink Cartridges
- Ink Converters
- Ink Refills for Ballpoint and Rollerball
- Notebooks
- Paper
- Pencil Lead
- Gift Cards


What is the EndlessPens 99-Day Guarantee?

We will ship all Pre-Orders within 99 days. If we do not ship your product(s) within that time frame, EndlessPens will refund the FULL amount. You can then decide if you would like us to:

1) Ship your FREE product when it arrives, or
2) Issue you an EndlessPens Gift Card of the equivalent amount of your order.

EndlessPens reserves the right to cancel Pre-Orders within 45 days from date order if we are unable to procure a specific product. 


Do you charge my credit card at the time of purchase?

Yes, full payment for all Pre-Order categories will be captured at the time purchase.


Can I modify or cancel a Pre-Order?

You are able to modify a Pre-Order 24 hours after you complete your order; however any modifications will now incur a $4.99 convenience fee and will RESTART the 99-Day Guarantee countdown.

You will be able to cancel your Pre-Order within 24 hours with no fees. Any orders cancelled thereafter will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Special EP Pre-Order: You will be able to cancel your Special EP Order within 24 hours with no fees. Any orders cancelled thereafter will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

If you wish to modify or cancel any of your Pre-Orders, please CONTACT US


Can I return a Pre-Order?

Once delivered, and following our RETURN POLICY guidelines, you may return a Pre-Order, however this will incur a 10% Restocking Fee.

Once delivered, and following our RETURN POLICY guidelines, you may return a Special EP Pre-Order, however this will incur a 50% Restocking Fee.


Can I combine my order with In-Stock Products and Pre-Order Products?

Yes you can! EndlessPens will only ship out your whole order when all the Pre-Order products arrive at our facility and everything will be sent as one package.

If at a later date you decide that you would like to split your order and receive the In-Stock products before your Pre-Order products arrive, we will be happy to oblige, however, this will be subject to an additional shipping charge. If you wish to split your order, please CONTACT US.


Should you have any further questions please CONTACT US.