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The Good Blue

The Good Blue Co is a London based start-up who make fountain pens. Writing tools that are functional and designed to be used. Not objects to just be kept and admired.

The Good Blue has a good story too good not to share. It started with the founder’s rediscovery for love of fountain pens. Brought by nostalgia and the triggers of the pandemic, something fun and well-loved was rekindled.

The heart of this brand is the discovery of flex nibs but along with it is the understanding of how expensive good flex pens and flex nibs are. As most available options existing in the market are mostly hand-made and hand-tuned, they were often a luxury. So then came the beginning of a passion project.

From a series of experiments and designs to create an affordable solution, to meeting with reliable craftsmen and manufacturers, a prototype came to being with the help of 3D printing and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. With the help of technology and innovation, this creative idea became real and ready for testing. Soon enough, the tested prototype was ready for manufacturing and what the company came up with is a modern writing tool that works round an ink delivery system with outstanding flex output. Whether it is for writing, calligraphy or drawing, The Good Blue pens lets you enjoy all kinds of writing experience from penning fine lines to broader strokes with each change in stroke and pressure. It gives you variation, character, and dimension.

Further engineering allowed for precise designs communicated by each fountain pen’s performance. Each part is well-thought. It has two options for the feed design; an injection-molded plastic feed or polymer for either continuous or wetter flow. The body has a center of mass which allows for neutral balance and better control. And lastly, the grip is made of untreated brass which can develop a unique patina over time that is in its way, makes it personalized for you.

In summary, although the design is standardized, this brand offers options for interchangeable components. You can choose to use one or more kinds of nibs from Fine Flex Plastic, Fine Flex Polymer, Titanium Flex, To Untipped Calligraphy Flex which allows a different kind of output and swells.

The Good Blue are versatile and flexible. Aside from making good pens, you can write and create with them every day as much as your creativity can go. The perfect tool for the arts and the smarts, for illustrations or journals.

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