Rotring Mechanical Pencils

The Rotring mechanical pencil is not your average pencil. It is a high-quality mechanical pencil, designed to be a reliable, first-class drawing instrument. In fact, Rotring means quality.

So if you need a mechanical pencil to give you the best precision, look no further — browse our rotring mechanical pencil collection today.

Let’s start with the Rotring Redring 600 Mechanical Pencil. We’ve got a special discount on this one. It comes in two colours, Matt black and silver and two lead sizes, 0.5 and 0.7. A Rotring’s original design, this iconic refillable mechanical pencil features a full metal body that provides users with an ideal balance of weight and feel. It has a hexagonal barrel, designed to give writers a fatigue-free writing and drawing experience. Due to its shape, the Rotring mechanical pencil won’t slide when laid down on a table, or slip easily thanks to its non-slip metal knurled grip.

Now, let’s look at the Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil, available in chrome and matt black, and three different lead sizes: 0.5, 0.7 and 2.0. Both the 0.5 and 0.7mm feature a full metal body and cushion lead mechanism. This refillable Rotring mechanical pencil also comes with a built-in eraser. Thanks to its practically designed body, it does not slip easily when held, or slide when laid on a table. The 2.0mm version is quite similar to that of the 0.5 and 0.7mm, but with a built-in sharpener instead of eraser.

For something more advanced, we recommend the Rotring Redring 800+ Mechanical Pencil and Stylus, a premium hybrid Rotring mechanical pencil + stylus. It has the same characteristics as the two mechanical pencils mentioned earlier, but with a soft precision stylus tip that is compatible with all capacitive touchscreens.