Pelikan Special Editions




Good news: we currently have a discount for each and every pelikan fountain pen in our store now, including the limited edition.

The Pelikan Classic M205 Demonstrator Special Edition Fountain Pen has the best discount value, selling just under $100. You do not want to miss out this stunning, elegant pelikan fountain pen. Available in four silver-colored, high-polished steel nib sizes (broad, medium, fine and extra fine), this special edition fountain pen is a must-have masterpiece of technical precision, that features clear transparent barrel. What’s special about the barrel is that you can see the beautiful interaction of the black-colored inner parts while writing. Excellent style, quality and precision what more can you ask for? Present it as a gift in an attractive G5 gift box on any special occasion.

The Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen is also an excellent choice for a smooth writing experience at just under $100. This beautiful pelikan fountain pen comes in two colours, black and green marbled — and three different stainless steel nib sizes — broad, medium and fine. Weighing at 14g, this classic writing instrument features a timeless design, and black-polished barrel and cap. The pen’s 24 carat gold-plated, decorative rings will bedazzle you, or whoever you’re giving it to.


Perhaps you’ll also like the Pelikan Special Edition M101 Grey- Blue Fountain Pen, a pelikan fountain pen available in broad, medium, fine and extra fine nibs. It is a very fancy looking pen, with a grey and blue color pattern that will remind you of a historical model of the 1930s. The pen is made of the typical Pelikan cellulose acetate and is equipped with a high quality resin that will look better with time. The pen also comes with a lovely gift box and a bottle of royal blue ink.