Parker Fountain Pens

In 1888, George Safford Parker had a strong belief that it would always be possible to make a better pen. Since then, Parker pens have been introduced and served not only to soldiers, but his fellow countrymen. In fact, the WWII German surrender was signed with a Parker 51. Indeed, Parker fountain pen has come a long way to be where it is today.

In 2015, Parker encouraged people to slow down, organise their thoughts and embrace better thinking. In this cluttered digital world, sitting down while having a cup of tea and scribbling thoughts out on a notebook with a Parker fountain pen is perhaps how one should unwind.  

Introducing the Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel Fountain Pen, a truly timeless masterpiece. Its elegant body describes the concept of style Parker style. This Parker fountain pen has a smooth body thanks to its stainless steel finish and a brushed metal effect. The pen’s palladium or gold finish trims and stainless steel or gold nibs also complement its already classy aesthethic.

Another Parker pen with a timeless symbol of elegance is the Parker Sonnet Prestige Fountain Pen that features four different designs: pearl lacquer rose gold, brown rose gold, metal and pearl lacquer chrome and chiselled silver and black chrome. Each of these designs with solid gold nibs are skillfully crafted in order to deliver sophistication to every writing occasion.

The Parker Duofold Prestige Chevron Centennial Fountain Pen is pricier than the other Parkers in store, but worth investing into. This Parker fountain pen proudly carries the brand’s heritage and remains as the most distinguished Parker pens thanks to its excellent craftsmanship. It comes in three colours: blue, black and burgundy. Whether you prefer a fine or medium-sized nib, this Parker fountain pen gives nothing but the finest writing experience.