Graf Von Faber-Castell Mechanical Pencil

Whether you’re looking for a Graf Von Faber Castell mechanical pencil or fountain pen, we have a collection of wonderful Faber Castell writing instruments for you. Now, let’s take a look at some of the ones currently available in-store.


You don’t have to be an artist, illustrator or architect in order to use the Graf Von Faber-Castell Propelling Pencil Classic Pernambuco Mechanical Pencil. It is a mechanical pencil designed for anyone who appreciates its beautiful aesthetic and practicality. This Classic Graf Von Faber Castell mechanical pencil combines a natural and warm charisma of wood with cool, elegant platinum-plated surfaces. It also features platinized fittings and nicely ripped barrel for the best and smooth writing experience. What makes this mechanical pencil special is the natural differences in its grain and colour. This  Graf Von Faber Castell mechanical pencil also has a reservoir for spare leads, and a replaceable white eraser that can be found under the pencil cap.

Perhaps you’ll like the Graf Von Faber-Castell Guilloche Fountain Pen, too. It comes in fourteen beautiful colours and 3 different nib sizes to suit your style and preference. The Guilloche uses quality resin that undergoes a special process, with each one engraved using a delicate method typically used in the making of jewelry and silver accessories. As for the barrel, it’s lacquered by hand and polished repeatedly for a beautiful and interesting surface texture. Each and every pen represents an individual example of the craftsman's art. This beautiful fountain pen also features a handmade 18-carat gold, rhodium plated, which also means that you can be rest assured that it’s less likely to get scratched, hence looking beautiful always.

The one and only Graf Von Faber Castell mechanical pencil we have in-store is currently on sale. Be sure to grab it while stock lasts.