Graf Von Faber-Castell Fountain Pens

Headquartered in Germany, Faber Castell is one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of writing instruments and office supplies in the world. The company is also associated with high-end writing instruments and luxury leather items.

Faber Castell users around the globe love the brand for its quality and smooth writing instruments. The Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pens, for example, are not your average pens. They’re stylish, practical and sophisticated. Now, let’s help you find the right Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pen to suit your style.

The Graf Von Faber Castell Guilloche Fountain Pen is the most affordable Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pen we have in-store. What makes it special is that it's made of quality resin, engraved using special and delicate process, similar to that of jewelry or silver accessory making. As for the barrel, it's lacquered by hand and repeatedly polished for a beautiful finish. Not only does the pen have a slim-elegant body, but also handmade 18-carat gold nib.

For something with a warm, natural wood charisma and cool elegance of platinum-plated surface, upgrade to the Graf Von Faber Castell Classic Pernambuco Fountain Pen. This classic writing instrument comes in three platinum-plated versions: ebony, pernambuco and grenadilla wood. Each version features a platinised fitting and nicely ribbed barrel. This Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pen also features an 18-carat nib, with an iridium tip.

The finest Graf Von Faber Castell fountain pen is the Graf Von Faber-Castell Intuition Platino Fountain Pen, featuring a warm, natural wood charisma, platinum-plated surface, and an elegantly shaped barrel. What’s great about this writing instrument is that it has a gentle concave grip that allows the pen to sit comfortably between fingers and not slip off. This beautiful pen also features a large, handmade 18-carat bicolour gold nib.