Faber-Castell Fountain Pens

If you’re looking for a quality, practical and stylish fountain pen be it for work, school or your own personal collection, then you’re in luck. Take a look at our range of Faber Castell fountain pen now, which are currently on sale.


Every Faber Castell fountain pen in our collection is special in its own way. The question is, which one is for you?

The most affordable one in our store currently is the Faber Castell Ambition Rhombus Black Fountain Pen, selling just under $100. It’s available in four nib sizes: broad, medium, fine and extra fine. This pen is made of carefully selected quality materials. It also carries a clear-cut visual design and professional functionalism far from looking like your average $2 pen. The barrel is polished to a high gloss and made of quality black resin. The pen’s cushion design also gives a laborious guilloche engraving. It comes with a lovely white gift box, hence makes the perfect gift to suit any occasion.

The Faber Castell E-Motion Dark Wood Fountain Pen is also another wonderful Faber Castell fountain pen in-store, currently selling under $100. It comes in four nib sizes: broad, medium, fine and extra fine. It’s not the slimmest pen you’ll find in our Faber Castell fountain pen collection, but it surely looks unique, not ordinary. The pen’s high quality material shows not only the value you’re investing on, but also the skilled craftsmanship behind it. Look at its glossy chrome-plated elements and beautifully wood-made barrel. This pen also comes with a converter and an attractive white, gift box.

Want something similar to the The Faber Castell E-Motion Dark Wood Fountain Pen, but slimmer? Then why not get the Faber Castell Ambition Cocos Fountain Pen, the only Faber Castell fountain pen in-store selling slightly over $100.