Best Red Fountain Pen Ink

Of all the fountain pen ink colors out there, few are as intimidating as red. Red is a very primal color, often representing love, anger, war, and life in history, making it quite intense to the eye. On paper, this hue might seem too loud, angry, or sometimes even offensive. However, there are many shades of red in the stationery world, and some of the subtler shades can work as an everyday writing color. 


If you’re looking for a fountain pen ink color that’s eye-catching and unique, then red might be a great choice for you. Here are our top picks for the best red fountain pen ink:



One might expect LAMY Red to be a run of the mill plain red ink. However, it is actually a much more complex hue. This fountain pen ink is more of a bright red with an orange component, making it much closer to a vermillion shade. It also has a well-pronounced pink undertone that is very noticeable on paper. This beautiful complexity gives it some shading qualities with the right pen and paper. 


If you’re looking for a unique red that stands out, then this is the ink for you. It is more on the watery side, is moderately saturated, and has an average flow. LAMY Red works well with different nibs and pens. Do keep in mind that this ink is not water resistant. However, like most red inks, it can stain the skin for quite a long time, so it helps to be careful when inking your pens.


Diamine Oxblood

If you’re looking for a darker shade of red for everyday writing, then Diamine Oxblood is a great option. It is the perfect combination of red and brown that produces a blood red color. The hue is deep and rich and looks luxurious on paper, with some shading when using larger nibs. 


Like many Diamine inks, Oxblood performs well for daily writing. It is an ink that works well even in pens that have been idle for several days, so hard starts and skipping are not an issue. In terms of lubrication and wetness, it falls right in the middle. The dry time for this ink is average, but it may cause some smudging for left-handed writers, depending on the grip style. But overall, it is a dependable dark red ink.


J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite

Those looking for a more festive red ink will find J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite perfect, especially for the holiday season. This is a beautiful bright red ink with plenty of gold and orange shimmer. It is deeply saturated and shades well, showing up even with regular-sized nibs and even more using larger nibs.


Like many J. Herbin fountain pen inks, Rouge Hematite behaves like a charm. It is well lubricated, so writers shouldn’t experience any issues like hard starts or stuttering. However, it also has a very low water resistance, so keep that in mind when deciding where to use this ink. Remember to clean your fountain pen regularly to prevent shimmering particles from building up and forming any clogs.


Leonardo Officina Italiana Red Passion

Leonardo fountain pen inks are relatively new on the market, a contrast to their style, which is more vintage and historic. This is a deep, dark, inviting-looking ink that stays within a standard red hue instead of being classified as a maroon or burgundy shade. It is a full-bodied color that is great for drawing and illustrations as well as writing.


This ink is fluid and non-corrosive, making it suitable for all kinds of fountain pens. It performs very well, with no bleeding or feathering on many types of paper. There is some color variation and shading present when using wider nibs and the right type of paper. This ink’s dry time is decent at about eight to nine seconds, which is perfect for daily use. Overall, it’s a beautiful and well-performing red fountain pen ink. 


Platinum Pigment Rose Red

Red inks can be fun with the right tones, and this is what you’ll find when using Platinum Pigment Rose Red fountain pen ink. It has a good amount of shading in fine nibs, but its color characteristics are best observed when using wider tips. In stub or calligraphy nibs, one can see shades of grapefruit and even bubble gum pink.


This Platinum ink is quite well behaved on several types of paper. There is no feathering, with low show-through and no bleed-through. However, dry times varied considerably depending on the paper that was used. It is important to practice good pen hygiene with pigment based inks, so be sure to clean your fountain pen between ink changes or refills. 


Whether you’re jotting down notes, writing a letter, or sketching, red inks can certainly make your work stand out on paper. This color adds a vibrancy to your words and images, no matter what specific shade you use. 


Happy inking and happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

Author: Ramona

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